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The only way to challenge corporate power is with people power. We need all of us to come together to overcome the big money that Comcast uses to push its agenda. Join the CAP Comcast team if you’re interested in volunteering with our campaign to improve Philadelphia’s future!

You can choose the roles that work best for you. Some roles include:

  • Talk to people you know – Reach out to collect petition signatures, tell people about what’s happening, collect stories, and recruit new leaders.
  • Online promotion – Share news, updates, events, and more over social media and email.
  • Group endorsements – Are you connected to any nonprofits, community groups, business associations, religious congregations, academic departments, schools, or other organizations? Ask them to endorse our campaign.
  • Research – Help us find, track, and organize useful information.
  • Mobilization – Call people, talk to folks in person, and use social media and email to turn people out to events and meetings.
  • Art/ Design – Help us do graphic design online, or use paint and your other favorite art forms to make banners, signs, and more.

Please complete the form below if you’re interested in volunteering with our campaign. Someone will reach out to you soon to talk about opportunities to get involved!

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