Pack City Hall on June 11th to cap Comcast!

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The time is now to make sure City Council is ready to make Comcast pay its fair share in our city.

Click here to join us inside City Council on June 11th – to ask them to support our campaign before they go out of session for the summer!

Philly’s 15-year deal with Comcast, that lets them sell cable and internet all over Philadelphia – is expiring in mere months. For over a year, we’ve told the City – no new deal with Comcast unless they protect workers and consumers, expand affordable internet, promote competition, and force Comcast to pay its fair share to public education in the poorest big city in America.

We’ve had a huge impact. Thousands of us filed comments with the City – demanding fair rates, support for public education from our biggest corporate citizen, and resources for our communities. We packed public hearings held by the City’s tech office – and 99 out of 100 people who testified told city officials to hold Comcast accountable!

But Philly City Council is about to go on break – just as the City is about to begin negotiations in earnest with Comcast for the next 15 year deal. Our goal is to get as many Council members as possible to endorse our platform before they go on break later this month. If we want Council to push hard for the rates, resources, and competition we need – we need to tell them directly why these things are so important to us.

Click here to join us inside City Hall on Thursday, June 11 – where we’ll tell City Council members that it’s time to make Comcast pay its fair share to fund public education, expand affordable internet access, and increase competition – and ask them to sign a pledge that they endorse our platform.

Here’s what to expect:

  • We’ll hold a morning press conference, and then fill council chambers wearing matching t-shirts to show support for holding Comcast accountable.
  • After the open council session we will break out into teams to go talk with Council members and their staffers directly and ask them to sign our pledge.
  • We’ll ask Council members to amplify our demands and push the Nutter administration to make Comcast fund public education, expand affordable internet access, protect workers and consumers, and increase competition. These negotiations will happen through the summer while Council is on break, and the final decision on the franchise is expected this fall.

RSVP now to join us in City Hall on Thursday, June 11th to tell our City Council people why it’s important to make Comcast pay its fair share!

We look forward to seeing you next week.

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On June 4, 2015

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