Philly VS. Comcast on 9/15: Rally, Speak Out, & Save the Internet!

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JScreen shot 2014-09-08 at 3.48.13 PMoin us Monday September 15 to rally and send the Federal  Communications Commission a message against increasing Comcast’s power over our lives!




Monday, September 15

12:30 – 1:30 pm

Comcast Headquarters

1701 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA
Click here to RSVP now!!

Bring: A Comcast story to share and/or a poster to make your voice heard!

Here in its hometown, Comcast raises rates, dodges taxes that could fund our schools, lobbies against paid sick days for workers, and buys political influence. It’s one of Governor Corbett’s biggest funders, enabling him to push an agenda that routinely hurts Philadelphia.

Now, Comcast lobbyists are at work persuading the Federal Communications Commission to allow it to merge with its top national competitor, Time Warner Cable, even though Comcast is already the biggest media company in the world. Comcast is also working to destroy net neutrality, the principle that the internet is an even playing field for big companies and everyday people.

If Comcast is successful it could become our only option for internet and cable – raising rates for services we need – AND it could be the gatekeeper deciding what we see and hear on our computers and televisions.

Click here to RSVP now and send the FCC a loud message from Comcast’s doorstep!!

September 15th is the last day that people nationwide can file comments about net neutrality, so the press, and Comcast’s regulators at the FCC, will be listening hard. Other community members nationwide will be holding similar protests at other big telecoms – and with national action, our voice will be even louder. We can’t afford to let Comcast be our only choice. Join us on this national day of action to speak out at Comcast’s doorstep, and build a movement to stop the monopoly! RSVP now!

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